M6-M24 Fastener sleeve anchor Expansion Anchor Bolt

Carbon steel zinc plated anchor of  wedge anchor expansion anchor drop in anchor  Sleeve Anchor (M6-M24) 

Anchor bolt are available in a wide range of sizes - from M6-M24, with lengths up to 200mm. Concrete Fasteners carries anchors bolt in zinc plated carbon steel and stainless steel. Concrete anchors provide 360° of hole contact over large areas and greatly reduce concrete stress that can cause wear and tear over time. Available in four head styles - hex, flat, acorn and round - and able to be used in solid concrete, brick and block base material, the concrete anchor boltwill meet the needs of numerous project requirements.  

HAIYAN BOLT provide both carbon/alloy steel, and stainless steel Sleeve anchor.

Size: from M6 to M24

Surface: zinc plated white or yellow, plain polished.A2-A4-or-Carbon-Steel-Yellow-Zinc-Plated-Hex-Bolt-Stainless-Steel-Concrete-Sleeve-Anchor