Timber bolt are also referred to as dome head, fender head, safety head, and mushroom head bolt. In the Pacific Northwest, they are referred to as an economy bolt and crane mats bolt, used in marine,lumber,wood,crane mats applications.

The underside of the large, rounded, low-profile head of a timber bolt has two or four nubs or fins or spikes which prevent the bolt from turning in the timber.

Product Features:


Size:   7/8”, 1" ,1 1/4"

Length: 46.5”,47”,48.5”

Material:  Carbon Steel(Equals to A36 Material)

Grade:   ASTM A307Gr.A

Thread:  UNC

Finish:  Plain with oil,  H.D.G.

Assembly: with hex nut and flat washer(SAE or USS)

Packing: Plastic bags into plywood case

Supply Ability: 1500Tons per months

Quick Delivery: For any urgent need of timber bolt, we can make 2FCL delivery within one week for the first shipment.

Haiyan Bolt manufactures timber bolts from 1/2″ diameter through 1-1/2″ diameter in most ASTM and SAE specifications. Special timber bolt molds can be created to produce non-standard head dimensions or shapes according to customer special request and bolts head with customer company name and/or logo.