On May 18th, the latest news :Chinese team found human monoclonal antibodies that can block the infection of new corona-virus.

According to Xinhua news agency, the Chinese research team recently published a paper online in the US journal Science, saying that they have found two human monoclonal antibodies that can effectively block the infection of new crown virus, which are expected to be used in the research and development of anti new crown drugs and vaccines.

Several units, including Capital Medical University of China, Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tianjin Institute of industrial biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shenzhen Third People's Hospital, participated in the study. The researchers isolated four human monoclonal antibodies from peripheral blood monocytes of a new crown rehabilitation patient. The novel coronavirus has neutralization ability by these 4 antibodies. Among them, two kinds of antibodies, b38 and H4, can block the binding of the receptor binding domain of CNV spike protein and its receptor "ACE2".

A number of previous studies have revealed the infection mechanism of the new coronavirus, indicating that the virus is mainly infected by binding its surface spike protein receptor domain to ACE2 on human cells. Experiments show that b38 and H4 recognize different epitopes of receptor binding domain respectively, and mouse experiments confirm that these two antibodies can reduce the amount of virus in the lungs of infected mice, showing the therapeutic effect. The two antibodies can also be mixed to inhibit virus infection more effectively.

I believe this is a very good news for all humankind. But yet Still, we have to be always careful during working,going out,and business..

Here are some good advice for people during facing the virus break. Please follow the instructions for yourself, for your family, for your loved one..

wash hand

Strengthen personal protection

1. Avoid going to crowded public places. Avoid contact with patients with fever and respiratory tract infection, and wear masks if necessary.

2. Wash hands frequently. Especially when hands are contaminated by respiratory secretions, after touching public facilities, after caring for patients with fever, respiratory infection, vomiting and diarrhea, after visiting hospitals, after handling contaminated objects and after contacting animals, animal feed or animal feces.

3. Don't spit everywhere. Cover your mouth and nose with tissues or elbows when sneezing or coughing.

4. Strengthen exercise, work and rest regularly, and keep indoor air circulation.

Strengthen personal protection

Avoid contact with wild animals

1. avoid contact with livestock, wild animals and their excreta and secretions, and avoid purchasing live birds and wild animals.

2. Avoid going to animal farms and slaughterhouses, live poultry markets or stalls, wildlife habitats or other places. When you have to go, you should protect yourself, especially those who are exposed.

3. Avoid eating wild animals. Do not eat sick animals and their products; purchase fresh frozen poultry from regular channels, fully cook when eating poultry, eggs and milk; when handling fresh products, separate raw and cooked appliances and wash them in time to avoid cross contamination.

No sick work or party

If you have symptoms of respiratory tract infection such as fever and cough, rest at home, reduce going out and traveling. When the weather is good, the room should be ventilated. Please wear a mask when contacting others. Avoid sick work, classes and parties.

Timely medical treatment

After traveling from Wuhan and other places, if respiratory tract infection symptoms such as fever and cough appear, the fever clinic of the hospital should be selected according to the condition, and the doctor should wear a mask to see a doctor, at the same time, the doctor should be informed of the contact history and travel history of similar patients or animals.